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Until recently missing teeth could only be replaced by dentures or fixed bridgework, both of which have disadvantages. Dentures are removable and many people find them awkward to adjust to. Bridges involve crowning the adjacent teeth, which can be quite destructive of tooth tissue, especially in teeth that are not heavily filled.

Osseointegrated implants now give us the chance to replace missing teeth permanently without the risk of damage to adjacent teeth. They are placed under the gum in a surgical procedure and left to heal for three to six months. After this time they are exposed into the mouth and a new tooth or teeth are placed on them.

Implant treatment needs to be planned meticulously and the whole treatment time can take up to 6 months. However, this is the closest we have got to give people their teeth back. The subject is forever developing and requires that dentists involved in implant dentistry undertake a great deal of postgraduate study to remain abreast of current developments.

Each individual case is different and so we cannot give treatment cost estimates until we have carried out a consultation. Gordon Andrews is happy to offer an initial consultation to any patient interested in exploring an implant based solution to their dental problems.