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Hygienist Visits

What is a hygienist?

Hygienists work with dentists and their main role is to professionally clean your teeth, a process called scaling and polishing. They will carefully remove hard deposits of calculus (tartar) that build up on your teeth, using manual or ultrasonic instruments. If there is a lot of tartar, two or three visits may be necessary.

Hygienists also give advice on diet, oral hygiene and will recommend suitable products to maintain good oral health.


How often should I visit a hygienist?

Every patient has different needs. The hygienist will recommend how often you should attend, usually 2 – 3 times per year.


What can a hygienist do for children?

The hygienist can put ‘fissure sealants’ on children’s permanent back teeth. This is a highly effective method for preventing decay.

Children will also benefit from educational sessions with the Oral Health Educator who can teach them about the effects of sweets and fizzy drinks and also teach a routine for proper mouth care at home.